Wednesday, July 12, 2017

One month until my favorite place to shop closes

I started working a new job 17 years ago and discovered a GW one block away. I've been shopping there ever since. I now walk three blocks there and it's the perfect distance for exercise and a little shopping. I constantly find bargains for myself, children and grandchildren. One of my best recent finds is a $12 juicer. It's missing the trap so I juice on my front porch and spread the fiber around the rose bushes. The building was sold and had it not been for the environmental review it would already be closed. Where oh where will I shop now? It's very sad indeed. I've shopped there almost daily these 17 years. One of my favorite memories will always be finding the missing little girl who was hiding from her mother and infant brother. The mother was beside herself. That same year I found a lost little boy at the Clayton concert too. Farewell soon.

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