Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I was 29

Today is my daughter's birthday. I was 29. I walked to City Hall and enjoyed dancing to a blues quartet band in Alioto Plaza. I asked about five newly married couples to come over and dance but all declined. I had a view of the waning moon to the left of the rotunda and looked over and there it was. Peter Pan's ship sitting right on top of Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall. I've never noticed that before. Weather was lovely. It was way too hot to dance last night in Concord but today at noon, perfect. In fact two women complimented me on my dancing, that it was smooth and I had rhythm. One told me I needed a partner. Good times in the city.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Grandmother Olive's birthday today

Because Olive's birthday was celebrated on Independence Day there's even a mistake on her headstone that she's born on the 4th of July. My Independence Day was great. I started the day with breakfast of English muffins and made a smoothie to enjoy with the neighbors while we watched the 5K go by on our street. What fun. Then I walked downtown to watch the parade at 10:00 and walked back with the neighbors and their friends. In hindsight I should have gone for my swim when I got home. Instead I wasted 45 minutes waiting for my friend of some 44 years, Kathy, at Rockridge, so we could pack up her car and head to Mt. Tam for exploring and picnicking. We made guacamole at the picnic table and when we finished our late lunch/dinner hiked over to the edge of the world to see the blanket of fog far below. It was peaceful and serene and we sat on a blanket and talked some more. It was a lovely day together. We saw fireworks in every community including when I arrived in Concord and I arrived home just in time for A Capitol Fourth. Yay! I had missed Paul's call by 35 minutes. I really appreciate that he called me. Kathy took some selfies of us. Thanks for a fine day celebrating Independence Day.
 Our street!
Neighbors and me in red and blue second from right. Missing neighbors Mike, Mary and Laura were in the 5K! The neighbors played Rocky and patriotic songs.