Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today I'm wearing the sequin shamrock vest I bought last May at the Fair Oaks Street Fair which I almost forgot I had until I found it while looking for another sequin vest. I've got green socks, green neck scarf, shamrock earrings and green bands around two very long pigtails. Someone is hosting a party on this side of the building with green wreath, balloons and decorations ready for the festivities.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An ottoman, a painting with purple mountains, new white sheers, an aloha shirt notepad, and framed postcards of Siskiyou and Castle Lake

These are the surprises awaiting Michael upon his return from an extended vacation in Provo with our sons and daughter-in-law. He never returned home. I found the ottoman on Esperanza on the way to the pool and decided if it was there on my way home I'd pick it up. I covered it and it works great in the living room for watching TV in comfort. I love the original painting I got for a song at Goodwill in the city. But it was not to be to share my new treasures with Michael. Since then I've had to deal with the house and car on my own, getting help when I couldn't manage. I sealed the access area for vermin reaching the attic and put caulking on the large kitchen window when I discovered a puddle on the sill. I've had help replacing two sills on the north side and Paul and I sanded and painted the replacements and other trim. I've had help with a hall basin leak and master tub leak. I've taken the Honda to a mechanic for a check-up and had work done and gone to various places for oil changes. I heard a noise in the kitchen and discovered the stove hood had completely dislodged with not one screw still attached. I wonder if it even had screws. I managed to get it back up tightly again. Of course I was single at one time but now I feel not only alone but desserted. Thankfully, I have three beautiful children, my faith in Christ, the temple only 22 miles from home, and an affectionate, loyal cat named Nite.