Thursday, January 12, 2017

One and one is two.

My first-born with his own first-born sons.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Christmas to Remember

December 22 at Windsor for caroling in the rec room.

D and Gramma returning from the library and playground.


I love pictures of me with my grandchildren: D, M, J and E

D and E with Gramma
D playing puppets
R and E

E reading to D and E
D is 3'3"

J and M
When my family arrived we met up with family friends to carol at the Windsor before Christmas. We caroled in the rec room and people could come in that heard us and wanted to join in. Many people was napping in the afternoon so this way it was a win-win. We had a wonderful time together and we felt appreciated. This is a 37-year-old tradition and for two years in a row we've caroled in rest homes near by. The twins got this jumpy for Christmas! My oldest grandson added all the extra Scrabble tiles and kept asking us to pronounce the word. Christmas Eve was in Fremont as usual for a fabulous lasagna dinner and carols, and Christmas Day was at church, and brunch at my home. Merry's generosity of lasagna, salad, dressing, bread and homemade pumpkin pie provided Christmas dinner for my family's unexpected arrival Christmas Eve in Fremont. Then on Jack's birthday Paul drove us to Carmel. Unfortunately Rick had left the day after Christmas and missed all the fun. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/nposo2f0ydjdv32q70wfp/AAB43sGvnoZNE64Erj8HoB8ea?from_sync_modal=true&preview=Photo+Dec+28%2C+6+34+57+PM.jpg
 Gramma with my four grandsons M, D, J and E
 A, S, M and J
 R and E

 My children and their families together for the second Christmas Eve in a row. Last year we were in Utah.

 I'm told 23 of us were at the table Christmas Eve. Chad suggested we each give a minute of what we're up to. That was a great idea.
 J with Gramma

 Three cousins: J, D and M
 Three sisters: Rose, Olie, and Joy, at her home Christmas Eve

 My children and their families all together at church on Christmas Day.
 I played ping pong and four-square.

Jack is 13!

Chad and Chad playing ping pong


 My sister Rose. We were Mama's last two and grew up together.