Thursday, July 30, 2015

1915 Panama-Pacific Mural

The "Atlantic and Pacific" oil painting by William de Leftwich Dodge at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, California, on Wednesday, July 22, 2015. The mural, stretching nearly 50 feet long, depicts an allegory of the coming together of two peoples by way of the Panama Canal, which the opening of the painting was created to celebrate.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What 2-1/2 and 2-1/2 looks like

EMM with his mama at the hill park.


DMM and EMM on white. What a good big brother.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Disneyland turns 60 today


Mother knew a good thing when she heard about Disneyland. We went in 1955 and once again later in 1957. I've been as an adult with a co-worker and again taking my toddler daughter. When she saw the train circling Disneyland she wanted to ride it first. We should have done that when we were thoroughly exhausted from our day. Happy Birthday Disneyland.


My favorite memory is riding the Matterhorn with Mother and Rosella. Mother's hairpins fell out leaving her long, wavy hair blowing wildly around her face, so out of character for her. We were amazed at a cabin on fire that never burned up or went out. There were American Indians too.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Independence Day 2015

 Paul, me and Adam
 J on left, M on right
Provo parade with unfinished temple at corner
July 6, M on left, J on right

July 3 I arrive at Provo Airport with Adam taking me to their apartment. Sick babies. They all drop me at Scera Park for the historic Candy Bomber drop at Freedom Festival and Colonial Heritage. Met Paul and James at the talks by Gail Halvorsen's daughter and Berlin friend. Lunch at Winger's. A fantastic musical on America's history through time by the youth at 6 p.m. Inside the British tent and lots of history from a "Brit." Lemonade and sourdough bread with butter and honey. Lots of tents and displays. An evening ball outside. More baby time and visiting back at the apartment. Overnight at Paul's three nights. I make Independence Day breakfast of sausage, eggs, and pancakes. A walk with Paul to Center Street for best-ever parade and meeting up with James on the way. Provo City Center Temple picture with Paul. Two hours at the softball game. Paul pitched a few to me afterwards. Back to the apartment. Stephanie and Mindy return from shopping for the gourmet BBQ Mindy puts together and grills poolside. Splashing with M poolside. Delicious feast at 5:00 poolside. Paul leaves with James. Pleasant Grove Junior High School with Adam's family for best-ever fireworks and patriotic music. The twins loved it. Babies to bed before 11:00 and a refreshing swim at 11:00. Stephanie preferred the hot tub. A moon shaded by black clouds. James and Paul return for me. We drop off James and Paul borrows his car overnight. Rain on Sunday morning until 11:00! Meet Adam's family for singles ward at 11:30. I share my testimony 50 years after living in Provo. Back to the apartment and Skyping with the Mosers until Everett needs attention. Paul rubs my feet. Lunch together around the giant square table of leftovers and more freshly baked chicken. Boys soaking in the tub being so cute and feeling better with meds. Singing to them on the kitchen floor, playing, and reading to them in the bedroom. A new game of Settlers they like and have a great night for three hours while I play online Scrabble and we listen to MoTab. Family prayer again and goodbyes. Paul borrows car overnight and takes me to Provo Airport July 6. Tears. Gratitude for a fine weekend with loved ones.
Colonial Heritage Foundation Festival
 Sunday at singles ward sacrament meeting, July 5

Candy Bomber over Scera Park, Orem