Monday, September 12, 2016

Forty-five years and counting

I met my friend Kathy 45 years ago. We both attended the brand-new singles ward and got better acquainted on an outing to Lake Berryessa. When I was raising a young family in the city the flat next door was for rent and she ended up moving in. We'd invite her over for breakfast before she left for work and got together a lot until she moved and eventually we moved also to the East Bay. Since we met in 1971 we've been eating together and going to movies and on vacation over the years. Independence Day we had a lovely picnic on Mt. Tam. On 9/11 we went to a favorite spot neither one of us had been to in a long time, Tennessee Valley Trail, and hiked to the beach which took an hour and ate our picnic lunch on a bench overlooking the Pacific. What a great couple of outings to celebrate our long friendship.