Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random Summer Happenings

106 in Concord, California, July 9, 2008. I walked from BART about three blocks to the plaza concert and lying on newspapers on the grass was pretty cool in the heat. Houston Jones band is fantastic and I enjoyed that and read my book about James Herriot written by his son. I love it and am a big fan of Herriot. After that I walked home in the heat and fed the cats. I say cats because ours is now an indoor cat and another black ferral cat comes around. It's long and skinny and I realize I've never heard a sound out of her/him. I grabbed my suit and an ice cream bar even though it was 8:45 by then to see if anyone was still swimming at the pool. Yes! I changed quickly and dove in. Heaven being able to swim and cool off. Then I walked with Marilyn and here comes neighbor Jeanette walking her dog back home, and some man with a bischon. Naturally a dog conversation ensued. We walked and talked and a barrier was broken in the heat. Jeanette was sharing her problems and frustrations with me like we were old friends. We've invited her to many church activities and the missionaries have visited her but still no luck. But she's opening up as a friend. I saw the lights were on at home so Michael was there and was about to go out looking for me. Sleeping in the heat is a challenge. What a fun night!