Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Third Annual Wheelstock

Seven hours of fun dancing, eating, visiting and enjoying the ranch atmosphere in Vacaville. The Lunds made it this year and made sure pictures of VIPs were taken.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are you Sydney Goldstein?


Having read the article yesterday of this revived auditorium I had to walk there and see it for myself. A small group was gathered in the lobby and I was told it was not open to the public. I asked to look through a small window. However a workman on the side allowed me to enter right onto the stage and behold the beauty of this restoration. Then I had a San Francisco moment. A woman entered and asked for change for the meter. I asked, "Are you Sydney Goldstein?" She was. I had a chance to express to her my appreciation for what she's done, to restore this treasure to the city. She thanked me and asked me my name and whether I'd seen it before. I said no. The auditorium had been used for storage and hidden away from public view all this time. Again on the sidewalk I thanked her. A minute earlier or later and I would have missed a chance encounter with the woman who made it all possible.