Monday, March 16, 2015

Do you need some cute?

 Papa Adam with (left) JD and (right) MM in CA.
JDC, 8 months
MMC, 8 months
JDC, 8 months, in P.G.

Their first St. Patrick's Day. They look so much alike. JD on right (I think).
 Uncle Paul visiting in the new apartment. MMC in red, JDC in green. They're 8 months.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It is I

At 61 Sheri Dew is a single woman. She's hoping after decades of dating her intended will just show up at her door and say, "It is I." I could listen to her all day. She honors the priesthood and recognized the three stake presidents present, who hold the Keys. She enjoys reading 3 Nephi. As do I. She talked of wrestling with the Lord in prayer. She shared with four stakes of Relief Society sisters that she has cried herself to sleep millions of times. That being single is lonely. That not having had children of her own is a concern. Her testimony, intelligence and wit shine through. We sang one of her favorite hymns together. Then she asked for one-word responses to it. I raised my hand in the second row and said, "Gratitude." I took a copy of one of her books in hopes she would sign it. She said she couldn't in a Church meeting and offered a hug instead. I said I would love that. I told her I love 3 Nephi too, and that "I am a fan of you." We were fed a feast by roving brethren in the cultural hall which had wonderful exhibits and the Tongans with their music and costumed dancers. There was a sit-down table prepared for Sheri and the four stake Relief Society presidents and we got to see them eating in close proximity to the entertainers. This part lasted an hour and I had just enough time to make the 1 o'clock session. I saw Julia in the cultural hall and we talked briefly before she needed to leave for home. I have been enriched and blessed this day.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Twins and a Gramma

Have you ever seen happier boys? Just short of eight months these little guys spent a couple hours with me and their parents. I love you so much.