Thursday, September 24, 2009


Doris -- Yes
Olie -- Yes
EM -- Yes
AC -- Yes
PC -- Yes
MC -- No

Our First Cruise

When our children postponed their honeymoon cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada spring break 2006 we went instead. Being novices we didn't know there was an itinerary for the first couple days so we just ate and wandered around having a great time. I highly recommend Omar's Uni-Sex for a $4 haircut in Ensenada. I took a chance and was very pleased. A customer interpreted for me. Tel. 78-25-88. Gastelum No. 214-A Edif. Los Arcos. We drove to Long Beach leaving very early in the morning to be sure to get there in time so had a wonderful walk along the waterfront until we embarked. Coming home we took the scenic route along the coast back to the Bay Area stopping to look at the Hearst Castle museum.

Honey-Do List

When we moved from San Francisco in 2000 there were no fans, no window coverings or hardware, and we baked in the East Bay. Gradually over time my husband worked on the honey-do list.

1. Install hardware and rods for windows for a 3-bedroom home
2. Install three sets of blinds on the inside as I found ones that fit
3. Install hardware and outdoor blinds at patio, master bedroom, and Paul's room against the heat
4. Unstick the garbage disposal
5. Repair the master bedroom closet rod which broke under the weight of my clothes.
6. Repair it the second time
7. Install ceiling fans in the family room, first centering ceiling fixture then texture-painting area, living room, and two bedrooms
8. Install an attic fan in the family room, first extending electrical wiring in the SE wall
9. Fix the attic fan installed by a friend in the garage because it didn't work right
10.Install shelving on all sides of the garage with EM's help
11. Install ceiling hooks in the garage for the bikes
12. Install hanging rods in the garage for hanging drying clothes
13. Install a side-yard clothes line using poles brought from our backyard basketball pole
14. Purchase lumber and build a wooden structure enclosing south driveway
15. Paint the white picket fence with PC and OC
16. Jack up the NW corner of the garage to repair damage from a car running into it
17. Shore up the master bathtub from the crawl space
18. Remove the leaking master toilet and reinstall it properly
19. Fix basin fixture leaks
20. Clear out the sewer line with a commercial snake as needed
21. Set traps in the attic and look for rodent entries, dispose of the dead
22. Prune overhanging cedar branches in the south neighbor's yard
23. Prune mistletoe from the front ash
24. Repair bricks near sidewalk
25. Prune overhanging branches away from roof and prepare yard for termite tenting
26. Help change curtains each season
27. Shore up sagging kitchen cupboards at ceiling
28. Completely rebrick inside of living room fireplace
29. Help carry fireplace insert and install
30. Remove fireplace insert for chimney sweep to save money
31. Clear out house gutters annually
32. Attach the fridge ice hook-up through the crawl space
33. Install a washer, then installed another when it broke down
34. Repair dresser drawer bottom
35. Set up TV, VCR, DVD wiring
36. Clean out/repair dishwasher
37. Install painting/mirror wall hooks
38. Replace eyeglass screws
39. Keep cars repaired and gassed
40. Water trees and plants
41. Patch chipped enamel in master tub and paint
42. Secure sagging master medicine cabinet
43. Patch a gaping hole in family room hearth with a rock and cement that blends in perfectly
44. Patch a gaping hole in the sheetrock behind the stove
45. Wash exterior windows and screens
46. Fix my purse strap hardware
47. Attach the glass shower door back on its track
48. Attach dislodged vertical house gutter drain pipe
49. Purchase lumber and build a new south backyard fence with the help of Adam and Paul
50. Pick up, split and saw firewood
51. Build wonderful, blazing fires
52. Take over cooking and grocery shopping
53. Replace broken tub soap holder with wall tile in hall bath
54. Caulk master tub perimeter
55. Cover front areas with brown bark
56. Keep front areas weeded
57. Move fridge to front door and wet vac power-blow coils before spring cleaning begins

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scotty's Castle and the Rose Parade

These are two last places Mother intended to take us but her time ran out.

The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, Revised and Enhanced

I am thrilled to be reading this chapter by chapter as it appears on http://www.meridianmagazine.com/ having finished the wonderful History of the Prophet Joseph Smith By His Mother. Pratt is a gifted writer and it's very enjoyable to read about his life and times in the 1820s on.

A marriage proposal:

“In view of all these things,” said I to her, “If you still love me and desire to share my fortune you are worthy to be my wife. If not, we will agree to be friends forever; but part to meet no more in time.”

“I have loved you during three years’ absence,” said she, “and I never can be happy without you.”

Another excerpt after unlawful detention:

"He now came hallooing after me, and shouting to his dog to seize me. The dog, being one of the largest I ever saw, came close on my footsteps with all his fury; the officer behind still in pursuit, clapping his hands and hallooing, “stu-boy, stu-boy — take him — watch — lay hold of him, I say — down with him,” and pointing his finger in the direction I was running. The dog was fast overtaking me, and in the act of leaping upon me, when, quick as lightning, the thought struck me, [7] to assist the officer, in sending the dog with all fury to the forest a little distance before me. I pointed my finger in that direction, clapped my hands, and shouted in imitation of the officer. The dog hastened past me with redoubled speed towards the forest; being urged by the officer and myself, and both of us running in the same direction."
I found this last site online when Meridian Magazine seemed to discontinue publishing the chapters and am glad to read on and learn of the early beginnings of the Church in San Francisco and the amazing life and travels of missionary service of this man of God.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have Fruit Picker Will Pick

I was enchanted by the number of fruit trees in Concord when we moved there. I started ringing doorbells asking permission to pick fruit. We also planted our own fruit trees. Our neighbors' trees include apricot, orange, plum, pear, peach, apple, lemon and persimmon. A few times I've been turned down to pick. Most trees have way too much fruit and the owners are happy to share. Our family members have planted apricot, apple, peach, cherry, plum, pear, grapes and Japanese maple on our own property in addition to lemon and orange already there and have success with yields. I also planted a Chinese pistache, potato vine, etc.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

May I Help You Find Your Way?

I once read somewhere in the 80s that a nice way to help visitors and give them a good impression of the city you live in is to offer to assist map readers you see. It even led to a friendship. I've enjoyed helping people find their way and if nothing else smiles are exchanged. Once I was asked where Oprah was. I was stumped with that in an accent until I figured it out. Opera. I pointed them to the Civic Center.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mexico After Jaws in the 70s

When the beaches of Mazatlan were deserted I immediately thought it was because people were afraid after seeing Jaws. It was probably just the time of year we were visiting, during Mexico's Independence Day in September. There was a parade in the village we were in at the time. A girlfriend and I stayed in a nice hotel on the beach in Mazatlan. We took the bus and train to Hermosillo and Guadalajara where exhaust from buses is out of control. I believe it was in Hermosillo where we both got very bad, short haircuts. I laughed when my friend knocked on our hotel room standing there with her hair whacked off, like mine already was. It was hot and dusty, the trains were without air, poverty and litter along the tracks. And after meeting a neat German guy and taking his picture my camera was stolen which was devastating to me. It was an adventure we suffered through together before our marriages.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joseph Geno Conklin and Mary Jane Wells

Paul was born exactly 150 years after the birth of our ancestor Joseph Conklin.