Thursday, August 14, 2014

50th Hogan/Vallejo Reunion Blue Rock Springs Picnic


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

50th Hogan/Vallejo combined high school reunion August 9, 2014

I had never even heard of USA World Classics Event Center before I attended our reunion. What a venue for a terrific evening of live music (with Jimmy), dancing, and excellent catered cuisine. I donated One Magical Summer for the raffle and participated but came up empty. Eileen and I shared a large round table but she was across from me and I talked more with Carlene. The big surprise of the evening was Frank who I went to grammar school with and haven't seen in 50 years. And what a dancer. Not only did he offer to buy us all drinks (pineapple juice here) but he danced with all four of us single women. The peach berry cobbler was left out for seconds and I was eating some after passing the rest out. Here comes Frank, takes my fork, plants it in the middle of the cobbler, takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. I was couple-dancing fast, laughing, hooting and cracking up all at once having a great time. It was a great evening and not to be missed. I returned to Vallejo the next day after church for the picnic which was also a wonderful event with lots of BBQ, homemade chili and salads brought by considerate guests, and snacks like homemade caramels and Heath bars, etc. I said hello to Frank there and the big surprise was Bobby. His response to my asking him if he remembered sitting in a car at our 10th reunion was, "I was hoping if you were here today you wouldn't bring that up." I asked him if we kissed and he said yes. It was great seeing him, a true athlete and friendly and nice to everyone. I love having our picnics at Blue Rock Springs, a childhood spot Mother took us to and I went to day camp. Again, my book was raffled off having been donated by someone else who read it already and Mo, organizer extraordinaire, was the happy winner. I signed it and she was thrilled to get it. It's been a great weekend. I feel taken back in time to the 60s and can still dance like it too.
Jim played in the band all night.
I'm in center table looking right.

Eileen Thompson in green. Behind Eileen Carla Hansen, both at our table.


Carlene Holt to my right at our table.

Ron and Barb Ray at our table.

Frank and Juanita at our table.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTA7Txvoc6k&feature=youtu.be Frank is in black, Juanita his date in purple.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Carousel fun in Utah

BravoLand in Kettleman City, CA