Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Three little girls and a white knotted rope

For six months I walked N, A and I to church a few blocks from their rented house. They were to hold the rope and stay in single file. Once I also walked their little visiting cousin. If there were fewer we could hold hands. Towards the end I was running to keep up with them and they enjoyed the pace to church. It's a lovely remembrance for me. I enjoyed it so much and I hear that they were easier to get up and ready Sunday mornings.

Monday, August 20, 2012

August 2012 Perseids

I planned this year's camping trip to Mt. Shasta during the Perseids. Adam, Steph, Dom and Riah camped three nights with me and I camped two on my own. It was a wonderful trip and good times looking for shooting stars at night and making s'mores after the movie. What I didn't know is they're most profuse pre-dawn which is when I'm actually trying to get some sleep. Dom and I saw a giant, thick shooting star that filled the southern black sky one night walking back from the movie. For me it's swimming, kayaking, hiking along Castle Lake and then inflating my raft and kayaking there, shopping at Trading Places in the dollar trunk, picking raspberries, and walking the enchanting Sisson Meadow for an hour at the library. I found some amazing castoffs this year: an eight-person tent that Adam set up for their last night, two much-needed water jugs (I was making do with one Michael had stuck a screw in to keep it water-tight), a tiny folding chair for Riah, a marshmallow roasting tool, and firewood from desserted sites to last the five nights. I also found a double inflatable mattress but couldn't keep the air from escaping. Temps were 99* to 97* so it was blistering hot and the first time in 11 years of camping there since 2001 that I sat in shirt sleeves at midnight around the fire. We sing hymns and have a prayer at day's end and over meals. Church at Mt. Shasta Ward is a highlight for me and the children did well in Primary. I've already looked up the showers for next year: week of August 10. It's a delight for me to stop overnight at Con's in Citrus Heights and talk and play Scrabble a couple times. We've known each other since we were 18. Thank you family for a great time.
Adam was quite handy with the cast iron skillet once the coals were hot for delicious taco salad.

"Sunrise on Mt. Shasta" author Michael Zanger. The star we saw was going the other direction. Sisson Meadow leads to the library and both are treasures. Campsite #141 third year.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Family Dinner July 8, 2012

Everything homemade--lasagne and fresh french bread, spinach salad, fresh fruit salad, and carrot cake--brought the family together for a lovely afternoon. I made the salads. I was the lucky winner of a huge box of nectarines, peaches and tomatoes at the farmers market concert right after buying a half flat of strawberries. Michelle made the main course and bread and I ordered the cake from April. It was all delicious!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ballroom with a Twist with Dmitry and Peta

After dinner at La Taqueria at 25th and Mission M, G and I ushered for Ballroom with a Twist at Marines' Memorial Theatre July 26. Dmitry and Peta were absolutely adorable and gracious smiling at us all in the lobby. What a fun evening together.