Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where are we from, anyway?

The Church is amazing. In the late 70s we members were asked to submit four-generation group sheets to Salt Lake City. Now there's the brand-new Family Tree on the Church's Web site enabling us to easily research who in our family still needs temple ordinances. Because of my desire to find names I have in the process discovered our roots. The following are origins from Mother's maternal side of the family including kings, queens, counts, countesses, sirs, ladies, vikings, etc., etc. I have researched back as far as 310 A.D. My eyes got big and bigger. On my father's side he tells me we're part Cherokee. His lines are English and Dutch.

Wales (I was told the Thomas family immigrated to Canada but as yet have no proof of Welsh origin)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disney's The Lion King, on stage

Having ushered for four decades and seeing shows for free I don't spend much money on tickets. Tickets can go for as much as we paid for a car once, $300. No way. I conceived of the idea that has been successful when I can't usher or volunteers are no longer used. I ask patrons selling tickets on the sidewalk if they'll sell a ticket to me for $20. At first they laugh, then as they haven't found a buyer and it's close to starting time, that $20 bill looks pretty good. I got lucky yesterday when I took time off to hopefully see the matinee. I was crossing Market Street and turned around and asked if anyone had a ticket they weren't using. The first person I asked said she did. I told her I had to shop farmers market for vegetables and I'd give her $20 when I got back if she couldn't sell it for more. I doubt she tried and I got my $59 group ticket for mezzanine. The Lion King is a people pleaser and fabulous musical that I thoroughly enjoyed. The sets, acting by youth and adults, singing and dancing are superb and does not disappoint. I was absolutely thrilled to have gotten to see it only days before it closes. I remember Oprah telling us to see it and I've never forgotten that. It rocks!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013