Sunday, November 30, 2014

I love burritos.

DMM's family took this little burrito to see the floats the day before the Thanksgiving Day Parade. He wasn't quite so warm and happy in the freezing weather.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The start of the season

On my way to Embarcadero entertainment I danced at the new Friday evening gathering at Civic Center for 10 or 15 minutes to DJ music. I got a chocolate sample and a couple more at See's and even more at Hyatt Regency. I was dressed for cold and it was a mild night so I was overheated. I enjoyed Hawaiian dancers  near the palms and ferry building still lit in orange followed by Disney on Ice and fireworks reaching the top of the buildings. Then at 7:00 inside the Hyatt for more entertainment and a jazzy Christmas choir before the tree lighting. I was ever so grateful to be allowed a chair to sit in and another bit of luck was not waiting for a train that came at 8:00. So I was home in time for my shows after a nice time walking down Market Street.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Oakland Temple Dedication 50th Anniversary

November 17, 18, and 19, the Oakland Temple was dedicated by President David O. McKay in six sessions 50 years ago. I had just turned 18 on the second and attended one of the sessions, I don't know which. I had just started a full-time job in San Francisco and had no paid time off coming to me but asked for the day off. My immediate supervisor, Flo, told me to just call in sick. I couldn't do that. When our manager, Mr. Hubbard, heard why I wanted time off he gave it to me, and I was paid for it. My first experience inside a temple was going with youth to the Los Angeles Temple after I was baptized at age 14. Soon after in 1964 a beautiful, white temple graced the Oakland Hills, after a large auditorium had been built. Much later a beautiful Visitors Center and Family History Center was added to the western edge of the property. I have been blessed and privileged to attend two special firesides commemorating the anniversary November 9 and November 16. The first was with BYU Professor Cowan who spoke of the history and building of the temple with slide show, and audio of President McKay and the first temple president. Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve has been in town for the occasion and spoke to Young Single Adults Saturday night and all local congregations Sunday night from Temple Hill which was broadcast to meeting houses. It was wonderful hearing first from his wife. Elder Bednar is a Bay Area native and said he was delighted to be back for this occasion. He was 12 when he attended the temple dedication and saw the temple on the hill almost daily as he grew up. I was impressed when he thanked us three times in a row and commended us for our dedication to working in the holy temple, the last with his Apostolic authority and left us with his blessing. I do work in the temple weekly and have gathered family names from Family Tree over the last nearly two years. The computer has made the work so easy and I'm thrilled to have added many portraits and pictures of ancestors as well as of my own family to profiles. Temple work is done by proxy for those who have passed on. It's thrilling to be in the temple with my children. There's a special spirit on Temple Hill that's felt as soon as I drive in. Lately I've taken my breakfast to eat with a view of the temple before I go inside. The Oakland Temple is a blessing to all believers in the Bay Area.

In Elder Bednar's words:
"I was thrilled last weekend to return to Oakland and participate in the 50-year anniversary of the dedication of the temple. This was a time of reflection and joy for me and my wife, Susan. We had the opportunity to see a few familiar faces... and mingle with the Saints in the Oakland area.

I was 12 years old in 1964 when President David O. McKay dedicated the Oakland California Temple. I cherish the memories I have of the dedicatory session I attended with my mother, of watching and listening to President McKay, and of the sacred nature of that occasion.

The Oakland Temple is located only a few miles from my boyhood home, and, because of its prominence in the East Bay Area skyline, I saw the temple almost every day. It occupies a special place in my heart and greatly influenced me in my youth.

The temple is important to me because of the service I can render there as a small token of my appreciation to Him whose house it is for His atoning sacrifice."

Thursday, November 13, 2014