Thursday, July 29, 2010

Annual 4:05 p.m. Giants Game

I got us tickets on craigslist for $8 view and it's a spectacular view alright at AT&T. As usual, I walk at 2 p.m. from 8th/Mission to the game, first going to Adam's building for the tickets at 250 Montgomery, then walking to 3rd/King. What a fun time with Adam, Steph and Dom and sliding down the coke bottle after the Giants beat the Marlins 10 to 9 in the 10th inning. We packed in dinner and snacks. Then we walked along the Embarcadero and out pier 14 on our way to BART. I'm still tired. I just wish Paul had joined us. Go Giants!

Posey wants to let his bat do the talking, San Francisco Chronicle
Apparently, Buster Posey is here to play baseball. Like, period.
Hold the French pastry and folderol. We don't have to worry about Posey going all Prince Fielder on us, with choreographed celebrations.
When Posey was called up from Triple-A this season, Giants' ballpark PA voice Renel Brooks-Moon took to giving a bit of theatrical twist to her at-bat intros of Posey.
Quietly, Posey requested that his intro be vanilla-ized.
Likewise consigned to mothballs: the "Ghostbusters" song, where the home crowd would respond to "Who ya gonna call?" with "Go, Buster!"
Posey swears he didn't put the kibosh on that one, but it's a safe bet he wasn't sad to see that shtick fade away, no matter how ingenious and fun it was.
Part of Posey's current challenge is keeping the lid on the mini-hysteria surrounding his hitting, in particular his consecutive-game streak. Wednesday he extended it to 21 games with a third-inning single to right field.
The home crowd rose to give Posey a standing ovation, not the typical response to a third-inning single in what looked like an early Giants' runaway win. It was the first standing O of the streak for Posey, and that's one little home-park tradition that will endure for the life of his streak.
Before the game, reporters chatted with Posey about his streak, and - way prematurely - somebody brought up the name Joe DiMaggio.
"Hard to believe," Posey said, "56, oh gosh."
Hard to believe, for sure, that in 2010 an athlete is saying "gosh."
Posey would rather talk about DiMaggio than about Posey. Fortunately for Buster, his hitting streak is taking place within a sizzling Giants' run, because he would be way less comfortable talking about the streak if the team wasn't winning.
It's hard enough for him now. Wednesday Posey was far down the list of Giants' heroes, behind Andres (the Giant) Torres, Long-Gone Juan Uribe and others. So he didn't duck questions about his streak, but he didn't exactly channel Reggie Jackson.
"It's fun, it's fun," Posey said, in a politely pained kind of way, trying to be cooperative. Then, "It's hard for me to talk about myself when we just won the ballgame."
The hitting, that's fun. But the winning is a lot more fun.
"Yeah, it's a blast," Posey said, dusting off another word that was popular when his grandparents were teenagers. "We just gotta keep rolling."
The Giants are rolling like a regular love train during their current hot streak, with fans drowning the team in affection. Torres is approaching mythical status, Tim Lincecum's starts are special occasions, fans will soon take up a collection to pay Brian Wilson's shoe fines and the Kung Fu Panda is still beloved.
But right now, Buster Posey is off the charts, fan-affection-wise. Some radio show caller even figured out that Posey would break DiMaggio's streak against the Dodgers, in L.A. But when will he break Bonds' homer record?
The fans seem to dig (as the kids say) Posey's basic approach to the game. When he's batting, Posey doesn't pose between pitches, doesn't step out of the box after every pitch for a 15-point equipment check. He quickly resets his stance and goes back to work.
Posey is so basic, his bio probably reads: "Hobbies include baseball, playing catch, taking batting practice and reading scouting reports. His favorite movie is film of his next opponent."
He seems completely un-surprised to find himself hitting .363 in the big leagues and capably handling one of the best pitching staffs in the majors. Humble, but un-surprised.
Posey knows where he is, and he knows what's going on and what will go on as the streak extends. During the brief discussion about DiMaggio, Posey asked if DiMaggio got a lot of media attention during his streak.
Are you kidding? Even in those ancient times (1941), the media jumped on bandwagons. DiMaggio's streak, for weeks it was in all the smoke signals.
By the way, every player has walk-up music at home when he comes to bat or takes the mound. Most players choose their music with great care. When I asked Posey about his walk-up song, he said he wasn't aware he had one and had no idea who picked it.
Hey, he's a baseball player, not a DJ.
Scott Ostler

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eve is 33 Today

Well I remember when she came into the world. She hasn't changed much; still independent, still pretty. She's a blessing in my life and rescued me twice staying with me and helping me in the fall of '09 and Easter of '10. Happy Birthday daughter.

Camping With the Family

July 17 through July 23 Paul and I camped six days and Adam and Steph stayed three days. We love to attend church at the Mt. Shasta Ward where we're welcomed and recognized each summer. We kayaked, boated, swam, played on giant inflated water toys and trampolines for an hour, played Scrabble. Paul and I hiked to Horse Camp after he'd hiked to Heart Lake earlier. Tiger lillies and honeysuckle abound. And who can resist shopping at Trading Places and walking in the tiny downtown? Maybe the guys. We ate wonderful breakfasts together, picnic lunches, and foil dinners, then ate peach or blackberry cobbler or soft-serve cones at the outdoor nightly movies. Conversations around the campfire eating s'mores and playing games doesn't get much better. The last night we saw the beloved lanterns after some deer finally appeared in camp, and a shooting star. This is my 9th camping trip to our favorite spot. We all missed our loved one, husband and father, and spoke of him freely. One of my fondest memories is simply chopping and preparing food with him, just the two of us, with stray deer coming for a snack.

Horse Camp (7,900 feet). From the Sand Flat or Bunny Flat Trailheads, follow the trail to Horse Camp (1.5 miles or 1.7 miles, respectively, one way). The Sierra Club Foundation owns historic Shasta Alpine Lodge at Horse Camp, built in 1923. Visitors are asked to respect this private property and to respect wildlife by not bringing pets. Summer caretakers provide climbing and LEAVE NO TRACE information. Seasonal spring water is available. A small library is located inside the cabin. From Horse Camp, the Olberman Causeway extends another half mile up the gulch. This stone walkway was constructed in the 1920s by Mac Olberman, the first Horse Camp caretaker, out of large boulders in the area.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day

I couldn't help but remember last year when Michael and I had such a nice day together celebrating the 4th of July. He barbecued for the last time in our back yard and we played Scrabble in the patio after eating. When he left for Utah July 15 he was never to return home.

Friday, July 2, 2010

50-Star Flag Celebrates 50 Years Sunday, July 4

On July 4, 2010, the United States will celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence but will also remember the 50-year anniversary of the 50-star national flag. Read more at Suite101: July 4, 2010 Marks 50th Anniversary of 50-Star U.S. Flag http://americanhistory.suite101.com/article.cfm/july-4-2010-marks-50th-anniversary-of-50-star-us-flag#ixzz0sZBS2kI3

The San Francisco Strut

As I walked by a man sitting on the sidewalk he said I was walking the San Francisco strut, that it's unmistakable. I guess after living in the city 32 years I have it down and he recognizes it. I took it as a compliment.

Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers

Thursday, July 1, Lavay and her band performed free at Jessie Square. I danced there last year and also at Union Square when her band performed. I first saw the band perform in the Golden Gate Park and when I asked for a CD and I would mail in the check she agreed, and I did. So yesterday at 6 p.m. I joined in the dance lesson by professionals in a huge circle and was asked to dance once the music started by an older man and again at the end by him. He knew some serious and fun moves even if his timing was a bit off the beat. I was getting winded even though I'm a swimmer and walker and felt like begging for mercy, and I noticed he danced the entire concert. I told him he was in better shape than I am. I couldn't help but notice the couple dancing up the steps against the brick background of St. Patrick's looking straight out of All Creatures Great and Small what with their muted colors, caps and woolen scarves, he two heads taller than she. I enjoyed myself and was struck by the vast differences of people and ages yet all dancing with changing partners and all with wonderful smiles. Rock on Lavay. She brings the community together with a unique and San Francisco flair.